Erin Albright

Erin Abright

Erin Albright, RN, BSN

Franciscan Health Michigan City
Michigan City, Indiana
United States
Never once did her bedside manner seem rushed.

I feel like Erin went above and beyond her role when I was in delivering my twins. Although not my first child, it was my first and last C-section with critical issues. She took what I feel to be extra time to comfort me and my family and fully explain what would be happening. Erin then followed us through to the OR and made sure I felt comfortable. There were complications and issues that happened in the OR into recovery. Erin took care of my daughter every step of the way. When I woke up in ICU what face did I see? Yes, Erin watched me in ICU and got me back to the maternity ward. Never once did her bedside manner seem rushed. She was also my discharge nurse. After my 5 day stay and the not so great coffee she even gave me my new favorite, yet weirdest creation, of peanut butter coffee. Thank you, Erin!