Erika Maxwell

Erika Maxwell, RN

Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

My husband and I arrived at the hospital a little after 5:30 am to give birth to our first child. We were told I was already 6cm and labor was progressing very quickly. Being our first time in labor, we did not know what to expect and were extremely nervous. Erika came into our delivery room and immediately affirmed our desire for a natural birth and assured us we had the ability and strength to labor our way. Erika stayed at our bedside through the entire delivery, even after her shift was over. Her words of support and encouragement kept us going. She even joined us in our times of prayer, taking notice to the importance of this to us. She is clearly passionate about her job and her commitment to us will be forever remembered. Our beautiful baby girl was born at 7:23 am Easter morning, healthy and strong. We cannot thank Erika enough.