Erika Hibbs

Erika Hibbs, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - Harrison Medical Center: Bremerton and Silverdale
Bremerton, Washington
United States

When I think of a well deserving recipient for the DAISY Award, I easily think of Erika Hibbs, RN. Erika has worked on 2 Southeast for six years, and embodies Harrison's core values and mission statement. She is not only an exceptional nurse to her patients and their families, but also an outstanding role model to her peers.

As a night shift nurse, I can assure my patients when I leave in the morning that they will be in excellent hands because I have seen Erika's compassionate care and clinical expertise displayed over and over again. Since Erika was my first preceptor, I have closely seen what others may not always see. She really connects with her patients, establishes trust, and provides excellent education to patients about illnesses and prevention. I have seen her consistently give a therapeutic touch and a warm, sweet smile when a patient is in need of support or just needed someone to talk to.

Erika possesses all the great qualities that I would want a nurse to have when caring for one of my family members. She is caring, compassionate, organized, honest, and always present. Erika is a great advocate and keeps her patients well informed. Even if she has a heavy load or a busy day, Erika has the ability to be present and remain calm during stressful situations.

In addition to being an extraordinary nurse, Erika is an outstanding role model because of the quality of care she consistently provides, and her level of competency and professionalism. Erika has made a great impact as an encouraging and supportive preceptor for the RN Versant Residency Program for over two years. Erika is also a great team player. Recently when our unit tried having a cross-shifter position for a month, Erika did the job very well and was able to give our unit council valuable information regarding her experience.

Erika Hibbs is truly a great asset to Harrison Medical Center, and I'm so proud to have her part of our 2 Southeast team. Erika makes an enormous difference in so many lives every day, and continues to inspire younger nurses like myself. I truly believe that Erika deserves this amazing recognition and would be a great DAISY Award recipient.

Some of my peers would also like to second my nomination by adding the following:

"Erika Hibbs is an outstanding and kind role model to our 2 Southeast team. She is caring, hard-working, dedicated, and intelligent. She establishes a special caring and compassionate connection with patients and families through trusting relationships. On a daily basis, she provides excellent clinical skills through accountability by making and keeping promises to patients and families. Erika is a dedicated mentor to our Versant Residents. I am happy to be working with Erika on our unit."

"Erika is a kind-hearted, compassionate nurse. Quiet in the storm, but a leader to guide the student."

"Erika is professional, smiling, caring, and empathetic. She takes time to sit with patients and families to listen and teach. She is level-headed in intense situations and respected by doctors. Erika is an excellent preceptor and mentor. She is flexible and was willing to adjust her schedule to trial our cross-shifting position, sharing what did or did not work."

"Erika was an excellent preceptor. She always gave me great support and encouragement. She is not only smart and contentious, but she is also incredibly compassionate and able to build positive relationships with her patients. I was able to observe this directly by working side-by-side with her as my preceptor. I now have the opportunity to receive patients from her since we work opposite shifts. All the patients I get from her have nothing but positive things to say about the care she provides. Many of them comment on her nice and approachable demeanor. So many of our new nurses on the floor have gained valuable experience through orienting with her. Erika is a great asset on our floor!"