Eridia "Eddy" Coy

Eridia "Eddy" Coy

Eridia "Eddy" Coy, RN, MSN

Memorial Hospital West (FL)
Pembroke Pines, Florida
United States

If we could clone someone that embodies the DAISY Award, it would be Eddy Coy. Eddy consistently goes above and beyond with the oncology patients and their families, including them in their daily care, activities, hopes and pain. She offers a warm smile, a caring heart and a hug for those in need of her upbeat and positive spirit.

It doesn't stop there for Eddy; a routine day includes bringing in home-baked goods, casseroles for staff birthdays, baby showers, and tea for the soul events. Eddy is a planner; everything has a place, time and purpose.

Eddy's purpose has been to serve and heal, she is a natural! Patients/families have come back to just say thank you personally to Eddy. They become lifelong friends with Eddy and her staff.

These are just some examples;

The Hxxx family constantly keeps in touch with Eddy and her staff, although their dad passed away, they are ever so grateful for the bond they formed with 3W, and Eddy.

Pxxx and his family included Eddy and the staff in their "journal of healing" which has been published. This family described Eddy as "a church without walls". Years later, Pxxx's family frequently visits Eddy and the unit.

There's also that special connection with Pxxxx's family, who continues to come every year in December and decorates the oncology Christmas tree in memory of their daughter.

Eddy has even been known to put up the "out of town" family members for a dying patient, overnight in her own home.

How does one say "thank you" to a person that gives over 100% (and then some)?

Well Eddy, your extended family/friends/colleagues at MHW nominate you, Eddy, for the DAISY Award! And we couldn't imagine a more deserving individual.

On behalf of your staff and the entire nursing leadership, we want to say thank you for representing us in a way that makes us so proud. We will miss you terribly.