Erick Gohdes

Erick Gohdes, RN, BSN

General Surgery
Naval Medical Center San Diego
San Diego, California
United States

During my time in DNS, as a patient without any physical assistance from family members and or friends due to their geographical locations, LTJG Ghodes immediately assumed the roles and responsibilities of that of a family member in many ways. For starts, LTJG ensures that I maintained a positive mental attitude as well as provides psychological and emotional support on a realistic "down to earth" yet professional manner that subsequently motivated and inspired me to push through all the pain, trials and tribulations I faced in post surgery rehabilitation. His selfless service, dedication and passion to help service members and their families recover in order to accomplish long term goals by revitalizing one to think positively and through action, strive to get back on their feet. LTJG, was extremely thorough in all instructions, explanations of medications as well as reactions of the body. This call of duty in the nursing and caregiving profession desperately requires more enthusiastic and passionate professionals who continuously serve in an exemplary manner. Never, in my almost eleven years of active duty service, have I been so well cared for and educated as today. I urge all superiors of NMCS, to honor one of their best nurses after receiving this inspiring testimonial.