Erica Gromes
June 2018
Emergency Department
Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell
United States




I work for Adult Protective Services (APS) in Mercer County. I received a call to help a man who was in need of an evaluation by APS. This gentleman had driven from Arlington Virginia to Ohio and was on his way back home when he became disoriented and lost. He was then taken to Hopewell ED when my encounter with Erica Gromes occurred. I would like to tell you what a wonderful, compassionate, and caring RN she is. Her dedication to this man and his circumstances was outstanding. She demonstrated these qualities to me and understood that we were all there to help this patient. After contacting his family, I had given all the information to Erica and let her know that his son was on the way. I requested any follow up so I could close my case through APS. She called me later that day to let me know that the son arrived and that the patient was being admitted. There are very few nurses who take the time to make sure I receive the follow up needed to close my case. I have been to the emergency room several times for my patients through APS and my experience this time was exceptional. I hope everyone who comes to an ED has the same experience that this patient and I received. Erica was absolutely wonderful. You are very lucky to have a nurse like Erica!