Erica Dunmore

Erica Dunmore

Erica Dunmore, RN, BSN

Garland Health Center
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States

Erica is a person of high integrity. A person of integrity shows up on time. She has the trust of their fellow employees. She has the trust of their physician teams. Erica understands that helping the team is not a burden but an expectation. Erica has great knowledge of her role yet she is humble enough to learn more from others. Erica is the nurse that helps you when you have a full load. She is the nurse that understands that a student may need a little extra understanding. Erica is the nurse that understands that not all patients understand their condition and may need some tender words or encouragement, or simple education on their disease process. Erica treats her coworkers fairly in that she is willing to step in when a coworker needs assistance.

Erica is willing to take time to care for a patient that might need extra attention. She does these types of actions without being asked. Erica works well with other departments in Garland and Vickery. Erica is willing to assist where she can when asked. She is able to communicate well with other departments the needs of our patients. Erica is able to understand the details of the Texas Vaccines For Children program. She has a great relationship with the regional director of the program for the Garland clinic and has been praised for doing such a good job. Erica sees a problem and does something about it. She does not look at a problem as someone elses. Erica takes ownership of her role as RN for the pedi clinic. Erica is a nurse that you can count on to always do the right thing on the right patient, at the right time. Her coworkers and physicians have much respect for her.

When we consider how to manage our resources we have to think of how to do our job wisely. We have to consider physician time, availability of the patient, nursing staff and available resources. Erica has been involved in helping manage the flow and resources by making suggestions for improvement that have helped the clinic save time and money. Erica's knowledge of her role shows in the respect she has from the physicians and staff that she works with. Erica has a willing attitude and a caring heart. This shows in the genuine relations with her fellow employees and patients. She is trustworthy, authentic and reliable. She often shows acts of compassion that go unrecognized.