Erica Casto

Erica Casto

Erica Casto, RN

Southwest General Health Center
Middleburg Heights, Ohio
United States
Erica helped boost my confidence and is one of your brightest stars.

Many assisted with my care, but Erica naturally shines and is the type of employee any company would want.

Unfortunately, by the time my care fell into Erica’s hands I was continuing in extreme pain, quite ill, obviously upset and with poor confidence. Like a soldier, with professionalism shining above your mission, Erica turned the tide for me. She never wavered from a high degree of professionalism and kindness. She summed up my concerns, addressed each and then followed through to every detail.  Her nursing experience, intelligence, drive, lovely personality, and knowledge shined through.

She helped boost my confidence and is one of your brightest stars. I can say your mission is inherent in her as she is passionate, compassionate and delivers high-quality care to her patients. She was extremely efficient, pleasant, responded in acceptable time frames, never made a mistake and is an asset to your organization.

Thanks for doing your job and doing it well. You stepped up to the plate and batted 1000. Thank you 100’s of times over for getting me to better health without extreme pain and making me feel confident. You are one of the brightest stars. God’s gift of healing is in your hands. Enjoy your cinnamon rolls, I know how difficult your jobs can be.