Erica Burzio

Erica Burzio

Erica Burzio, BSN, RN, CMSRN

Adventist HealthCare - Shady Grove Medical Center
Rockville, Maryland
United States

Our sister who was a patient in your unit was a beautiful, kind, loving sister. The last of eight siblings she was the light and the life of the family. She was a Nurse at Shady Grove for a while and at Sibley Hospital and because she was such a wonderful sister full of life, she was also a traveling nurse.

Our sister worked in the ICU unit and loved it. Not only her, but three of her sisters, also nurses. This was in our blood. So, when it came for our family to be on the other side, it was you, Erica, who stepped in to be her angel nurse.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our sister and our whole family. You listened to our needs, hugged us when we needed it and always had a wonderful smile that brought us back. You gave us food when no one wanted to eat.  We were a group of 20-30 family members in one room and your understood we needed to be together. Thank you for your understanding and kindness. You are a special one. We will always be grateful. And we left knowing you did all you could do for our sister. She is now with the Lord in peace and with our parents.


Erica is the epitome of everything a registered nurse should be: empathetic, compassionate, dedicated, and attentive. She has a very positive attitude and an uplifting way of speaking to patients. Erica is the kind of nurse that every nurse should aspire to become.