Eric Crampsey

Eric Crampsey

Eric Crampsey, RN

Emergency Department
Decatur Morgan Hospital
Decatur, Alabama
United States

I work in surgery and in December I had a heart attack in the lounge of the OR. Thanks to the swiftness and great work of the OR staff, and the ER staff I am here today to say thanks. One particular RN in the ER was the best. Eric worked diligently and with precision and knowledge and even let me tell him where to put my IVs.  I am beyond grateful to the staff that took care of me and saw to my needs and got me the help that I needed. Thank you to everyone who helped me, especially Eric.


Positive comments like this are not surprising about Eric, he is an excellent nurse and anyone who interacts with him knows how much he cares about the patients he cares for.  He has a great attitude and reacts quickly/calmly in situations which is reassuring to patients and families.  He is a great person to work with and to have as a part of our team!