Endoscopy Team at Colquitt Regional Medical Center

April Miller, RN, Shanna Hall, LPN, Shanna Wilson, Surgical Tech, Whitney Pilgrim, RN, Mikki Whitfield, RN, Jennifer Hill, LPN

Endoscopy Team at Colquitt Regional Medical Center, RNs and more

Colquitt Regional Medical Center
Moultrie, Georgia
United States

I nominate the endoscopy staff for the DAISY Team Award.  These individuals have been amazing since I joined the staff 10 months ago.  Professional and hard-working, they made my transition to Colquitt Regional Medical Center an easier process.  Learning the nuances of a different endoscopy suite, they have been available for answering numerous questions and have demonstrated ample patience.

With the addition of electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy at our institution, the endoscopy crew has exhibited great interest and persistence in making this new and challenging project come to fruition.  Mikki Whitfield went to Minneapolis this February to spend two days learning this new form of bronchoscopy.  The entire group subsequently learned how to set up the cumbersome apparatus per protocol and study six new methods for obtaining tissue specimens and preparing slides.  The Medtronic representative Krystal Starling has been nothing short of amazed with how well the entire squad works together and how quickly they have become proficient at performing this intricate procedure.  I have only worked with one other endoscopy group myself, but Krystal with her job as a representative has seen numerous groups.  Again, she can think of no other team in her vast experience that displays such cohesiveness.

I was even more impressed with an interaction last week that truly showed me how much the endoscopy unit cares for our patients.  We had a young and very anxious patient scheduled for bronchoscopy.  She was very nervous and started crying.  The group remained professional, yet demonstrated such compassion and revealed genuine sympathy with her reservations.  They held her hand and I looked over a few minutes later to see her smiling just before getting anesthesia.  It really was then that I realized this group should be commended for their daily efforts and considered for the DAISY Team Award.

Michael Davidson Brown, MD MBA FCCP