Emily Franks

Emily Franks

Emily Franks, RN, BSN

Neuro ICU
Harborview Medical Center, UW Medicine
Seattle, Washington
United States

I was a patient of hers and I was told that she put in extra care when I was her patient. Once I had gotten out of the hospital she had taken her own time and came to visit me at the after care facility I was at.

Emily helped my family and me through such a hard time in our lives, my sister's car accident. Through all of the emotion and confusion Emily helped educate us on what was happening to my sister. She not only helped my sister and our family while my sister was in the ICU, Emily took the extra step and came to see my sister while she was in recovery at a rehabilitation home. This struck me, this woman who had never had a conversation with my sister took her time to see my sister's progress. Emily has inspired me to become a neurological ICU nurse. I hope that I will get the chance to help a family as Emily helped mine. She truly deserves this award.

Emily was my daughters nurse in the ICU unit last year. She was in a serious car accident and was not expected to live. Without Emily's help with communications between family and staff, we would not really have known what was going on. She's a very caring and concerned human being. All the staff at Harborview was great and very professional. Emily just stood out to me and my family the most.

Emily was my daughter’s primary Nurse during her 17 day stay at in the Neuro ICU, during that time not only did Emily take amazing care of my daughter but her calming effect on the family helped us get through a very dark and scary time in our lives. Her calm when emotions ran high and her compassion for our pain will forever stay with me. We still go back and bring my daughter so that Emily can see what her excellent care helped achieve, my beautiful daughter is still with us! Thank you Emily for all that you are, you are a blessing and Thanks is just not enough to express how much you are appreciated!