Emily Attig

Emily Attig

Emily Attig, RN, PNP-BC

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Emily was consulted about a oncology patient on another floor during an overnight shift. The family was requesting someone who knew the patient to come and help the treating team develop a plan of care to make the patient comfortable. She not only consulted with the treatment team but also provided care and support for the patient and the family. She was able to comfort the patient and family and sat with the patient at her bedside until she was comfortable and the families wishes were met. Emily exhibited caring and compassion by going above and beyond expectations.

I believe that this action created safe care by assisting the treatment in developing a plan of care and providing the team with a baseline history since the patient was familiar to Emily. This action lead to effective care by allowing the family to express thier treatment goals/advocate for the patient and the team being able to collaborate with the family to provide family centered care.

This action demonstrated exceptional service because Emily went above and beyond to meet the patient and family needs and stayed with the family until those needs were met. It made the family feel cared about even though they were not on the oncology floor and knew that the oncology team cared for their child.