Emily and Lea Estrella and Wei

Emily and Lea Estrella and Wei, BSN, RN

Medical/Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Recently MICCU had a patient who had been in AIMMC for about five months and had been transferred between SICU, MICCU, PCCU and Rehab. The patient and family were well known to staff of MICCU. Most recently, the patient had been intubated for two weeks, yet he was still alert and aware of his situation, and his condition was slowly deteriorating. On one particular busy weekend, a family meeting had occurred, and the decision to withdraw treatment in the coming days was made. The patient was aware of the upcoming plan, and had become agitated and it was apparent he was attempting to ask his nurse for something, but the nurse was unable to understand his request. Emily and Lea then took time out of their busy shift to speak with the patient and attempt to identify his needs. After some time, Emily and Lea were able to determine what the patient wanted. His 41st wedding anniversary was the next day, and he wanted his face to be cleanly shaved before seeing his wife the next morning. Emily and Lea proceeded to shave the patient as he requested, despite the fact that they were both very busy that day and were not even assigned to this patient. It was evident that the patient was very appreciative of their help. Emily and Lea deserve to be recognized for their patient centered care