Emilee Geddes

Emilee Geddes

Emilee Geddes, RN

Central Resource Pool
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States
I felt the weight of the world slide off my shoulders simply by seeing Emilee's face.

I want to recognize Emilee and Sheri for the impact they made on the life of my mother-in-law. These two women are true DAISY Nurses every single day for the many patients’ lives they touch, but this one was very special to me.

I brought my mother-in-law into the ED for sepsis. She was put on the floor and very quickly, I realized how sick she was; her blood pressure continued to drop as her fever spiked to 103. As a provider, I knew what needed to be done, but I was on the other side of my typical provider role. I was a helpless family member watching my family member start to spiral. My husband was home with my father-in-law, so I was alone. In a hospital I spend a lot of time in and know so many people, I felt like I was on an island. I knew that this was the golden hour that would change the course of my mother-in-law's life.

It was at that exact moment the MEWS score had fired and Emilee walked into her room. I felt the weight of the world slide off my shoulders simply by seeing Emilee's face. She has been in this situation so many times and always does exactly what she needs to do, but this time I sat at the bedside and watched. She was making decisions and doing interventions that were absolute life-saving measures for my mother-in-law. She gave volume, started IVs, drew cultures, made phone calls to physicians all the while keeping me sane and keeping my mind from going to a very bad place it kept wanting to. Sheri came into the room shortly after Emilee had gotten the wheels in motion. Sheri was essential in getting her transferred to the ICU where everything would happen in the appropriate environment. They called stat consults to ultrasound and truly made things happen.

The nurses on 2000 were excellent and doing everything they could, but she needed more invasive lines/monitoring. These two women function on such an independent level of critical thinking and I am so thankful for their presence in every situation I encounter as a provider, but this time it was personal. We are so lucky to have this level of skill at the bedside literally "rescuing" our patients every day. They never get flustered or short with staff as they lead the team and just get stuff done. I know when they call me and I am not at the bedside, I can absolutely trust their exam, their gut feeling and their recommendations of what is best for the patient. I have always known what these two bring to the table for my team, but to see them make an impact on my family the way they did that night, I am implored to give them some type of recognition for what they do every day.

Emilee stayed later than her shift, and Sheri did not leave my mother-in-law’s bedside until she was stable. I had not one doubt that Sheri was doing everything at the bedside in the ICU that needed to be done and my mother-in-law was safe. I did not need to be pacing the hallways outside her room, because of the trust I have in these two. The calm and peace they brought to me that night was something I will not forget. They are such an important part of everyday life at Sanford and patients benefit every day from their place at the bedside. I am forever grateful for their actions that night and every day.