Emeteria "Teri" Castro-Skorupa

Emeteria "Teri" Castro-Skorupa

Emeteria "Teri" Castro-Skorupa, RN

NSLIJ Lenox Hill Hospital
New York, New York
United States

On admission this patient was extremely depressed, disheveled and non-compliant. Her confusion and dementia further complicated the situation. She refused to shower or allow the nursing assistants to wash her. Teri, however, wouldn't give up on her. She was persistent and after a lasting conversation and a lot of convincing, managed to finally get her into the shower. Teri brought in special shampoos and other hair products to help detangle Ms. C's hair. She then spent a significant amount of time brushing and styling it. When the patient emerged from her room she truly looked like a new woman and you could instantaneously see that she felt better about herself.

Teri was able to motivate Ms. C to ambulate and regain some of her strength. Her stamina has now greatly increased and her skin is much improved as well.

It had been decided that Ms. C needed a guardian to assist her when she is able to go home. When it was time for her court date, Ms. C did not have regular clothes to wear to Court. Teri brought in new clothes so that Ms. C could look and feel more presentable. The patient's face lights up when she sees Teri.

Teri always goes above and beyond for her patients, but for Ms. C she has done what very few nurses could or would do.

Teri has not only exhibited selfless service towards this patient, but has created an aura of exuberance on the unit. This might not get us any positive Press Ganey surveys and complimentary letters from the families, but it has definitely raised the bar for our staff members, including me. It takes a lot of commitment and compassion to do what Teri did without expecting anything in return.

Not surprising to any of us, before Teri had her Cinnabon she brought one to Ms. C.