Emergency Department
April 2017
The Emergency Department TEAM
at Sanford USD
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Emergency Department
Sanford USD Medical Center
Sioux Falls
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I was admitted during the Holidays, 1500 miles away from home while visiting my children and grandchildren for Christmas.  Hospital stays are hard enough as they are, without adding 1500 miles and a Holiday to boot.

The staff kept my spirits up throughout the whole time.  Sometimes I was in the room crying and it seemed as if one of the nurses or staff members knew I was feeling down.  They would come in and hold my hand at just the right time.   I had a lot of fun and jokes in between.

I wish to commend the entire staff of Sanford USD Medical Center for their compassionate care.  I send them my heartfelt thanks for bringing me through a very hard time.

Members of the Emergency Department TEAM honored with the DAISY TEAM Award:

Dr. Arleigh R. Trainor

Mr. Uma Motapothuia

Dr. Bhargavi Ghanta

Alex Sproul, RN

Samantha Whitley, Student

Toni Larsen Schipper, RN

Bethany Sailer, RN