Emergency Department Team at Physicians Regional Collier

Emergency Department Team

Emergency Department Team at Physicians Regional Collier

Emergency Department
Physicians Regional Collier
Naples, Florida
United States
Christy De Leon RN, Director, Aryln Fernandez RN, Clinical Coordinator, Karen Hays, Sr. Office Coordinator, Nayra Acosta RN, Nicole Ambrosini RN, Bartareau, Laura RN, Josh Brycen RN, Maryann Cashin RN, Naomi DelaTorre RN, Moises Exposito RN, Marine Favier RN, Ana Freed RN, Miya Gabriel RN, Nicole Hufham RN, Angela Latino RN, Carlos Mareno-Espino RN, Chelsea McKimm RN, Elizabeth Nino RN, Carrie Priest RN, Bill Rhodes RN, Daniel Rosende RN, Presila Sassing RN, Monica Sinnamon RN, Scott Sioma RN, Lisa Spearo RN, Dennis Townsend RN, Martin Van Dongen RN, Yaikely Veloz RN, Michelle Vernet RN, Haley Brown, Todd Fiala, Damian Gonzalez, Alex Hancock, Mari-Rose Janson, Angela Leung, Eddie Louis, Lauren McFalls, Antonio Nickel, Hunter Sandell, Adam Smith, Angel Valery, Valerie Ziajka, Andrew Villareal, Kathy Constantineau, Ana Fuentes, Wendy Polanco, Joseph Greenwood, Linda Malvesti, Lynn Theberge

ER nurses don't have the luxury of being specialized in one area of expertise. Instead, an ER nurse needs to know how to do a bit of everything quickly and competently. ER nurses never know what patient with what ailment is about to walk through the doors. When a patient is walked or wheeled into the Emergency Room, our amazing group of ER nurses deals with them quickly and professionally regardless of the patients' age, illness, or injury.

The Emergency Department at Physicians Regional Collier Blvd. consistently delivers compassionate and quality care to our patients. This has been evident over the past year with letters of gratitude from many of the patients. The letters showcased excellent care received, complimentary nursing reviews, and professional teamwork.

The department's effort to increase patient volume continues to gain momentum. A close relationship with EMS personnel was developed and maintained, allowing the development of a strategic initiative to ensure no "wait time" for off-loading patients and giving report. As shown by the daily metric, this partnership has allowed the EMS volume to grow every year.

Being the only Older Adult ER in Collier and Lee County is a source of great pride. After launching the Older Adult ED, the team completed the required education in geriatric care and continues to learn and grow about this population. Recent metrics show the senior population is utilizing the Collier ER as a result of public events and outreaches held by the ER staff.

The department is led by a strong core of nurses who are dedicated to providing the community with exceptional care. This is evident by the successful implementation of exceeding the healthcare system’s 30-minute pledge.

The 30-minute pledge, which has been met with positive feedback from patients and providers alike, is yet another objective the Collier Blvd. ER team strives for. With an average 15 minute door to doctor time and a 10 minute triage time, all expectations have been exceeded.

The Emergency Department at Physicians Regional Collier Blvd. looks forward to caring for Southwest Florida residents. They have so much to be proud of and their healthcare community is so proud of them.