Emergency Department Team at Angel Medical Center
May 2017
Emergency Department TEAM
at Angel Medical Center
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Emergency Department
Angel Medical Center
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In the early morning hours, a 20-month old child was brought into the ER unresponsive, an apparent drowning.  The entire team responded, under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Taft, and worked on the child.  None of the staff would give up even with pupils fixed and dilated, they continued CPR, with a body temperature below 85 degrees, and no pulse.  After an hour, the child was breathing about 10 breaths a minute on his own, while receiving help from respiratory, and the team continued to work.  As the time approached to transport the child to Mission after 90-minutes of working on him, the child’s eyes were re-active, he was breathing on his own, and his body temperature had reached almost normal.  A truly miraculous happening thanks to the nurses and the whole AMC Emergency Department.

Team Members honored with this DAISY Team Award:

Kelli Randall, RN

Kim Mellies, RN

Deborah Bruner, RN, CCRN, RNC

Duane McHan, RN, CEN

Karen Gorby, MSN, MBA, RN, CENP, FACHE

Benjamin Lackey, Respiratory

Matthew Pearson, Radiology

Kevin Cope, Radiology

Tori Dragoo, Lab

Delaney Garris, WCU Paramedic Student

Dr. Stephanie Taft 

Rev. Bonnie Peggs