The Emergency Department at Newton Medical Center

The Emergency Department Team

The Emergency Department at Newton Medical Center

Emergency Department
Newton Medical Center
Newton, New Jersey
United States
Cecilia Fucito, RN; Robyn King, RN; Kathryn Smith, RN; Angela Aulicino, PCT; Eileen Cronin, PCT; Heather Dentzau, PCT; Debora Hall, PCT; Shannon Keller, PCT; William Lanham, PCT; Larissa Larsen, PCT; Judith LeDuc, PCT; Melvin Molhoop, PCT; Sergio Moyano, PCT; Andrenise Sainte-Joseph, PCT; Ashleigh Samuels, PCT; Yvette Sibblies, PCT; Christy Smetana, PCT; Samantha Campion, PCT; Briana D'Angelo, PCT; Matt Fikslin, PCT; Lucas Hruska, PCT; Andrew Lopuch, PCT; Lon Ndreu, PCT; Kristina Swyryrt, PCT; Julianne Worgul, PCT; Kimberlee Besemer, RN; Aileen Burgos, RN; Joanne Burgos-Cruz, RN; Debra Condon, RN; Deborah Craig, RN; Ana Farley, RN; Robert Gannon, RN; Elizabeth Lancaster, RN; Travis McAuley, RN; Margaret McGraw, RN; Jan Ozoa, RN; Danielle Petrone, RN; Jennifer Radell, RN; Latoya Robertson, RN; Caitlin Schlesner, RN; Danielle Decker, UR; Marie Adisa, RN; Kathleen Alexander, RN; Rosanna Allen-Poole, RN; Rebecca Anderson, RN; Zachary Clark, RN; Danielle Dimilia, RN; Kevin Feeney, RN; Jason Fusco, RN; Geoffrey Hoon, RN; Kimberly Kasko, RN; Lindsay Kern, RN; Adrianna Kuzicki, RN; William Lapp, RN; Sonia McRae, RN; Alison Newport, RN; Ashli Reidel, RN; Stephanie Siglin, RN; Patricia Sullivan, RN; Sarah Trehearn, RN; Hannah Vargas, RN; Chris Vollero, RN; Dannielle Walter, RN; Sharon Williams, RN; Kyle Wilson, RN; Rebecca Wright, RN; Jeannette Zmach, RN; Gina Simmons, Sec/Tech; Karin Ciccone, UR; Linda Davidowski, UR; Chelsea Fortino, UR; Maureen Iwanicki, UR; Wendy Luszcz, UR; Melissa Tyskewicz, UR

On Saturday morning I had the honor and privilege of seeing teamwork at its finest. Early in the morning, a premature infant who had only been home for one week was brought into Newton ER in respiratory distress. Just before this occurred, a very distraught mental health patient came in. He became very agitated and tried to leave. As a team, with a great deal of help from security, the patient was safely returned to bed. Then the infant came via ambulance. John, Jen, and Ana worked together to help this little baby. Alison was in and out of the room retrieving whatever supplies were needed. I was watching the monitor and for three hours I saw and heard how that baby was cared for.

I have been a patient care tech for many years I have seen a lot. But this night stands out to me because of the outstanding way everyone worked together. Between the nurses, respiratory, and Hannah (PCT), it was amazing to hear and watch. People were finishing each other’s sentences, getting what was needed before it was asked for. Comforting the baby’s family while never letting on how they were feeling. And in the middle of all of this, we received a patient that had to be intubated. Jason, a nurse who is new to the ED, handled this like a pro. I could go on and on about what went on but I would run out of paper.

I am recognizing this unit, not just for their individual abilities, but for the way they worked together, as a team, each one offering their best and getting the job done until the MICU from Morristown arrived. They had this tiny baby’s life in their hands and by holding their hands together they helped bring life, love, and hope to the child and their child’s family. They put egos, pride, fear aside and they got the job done. I am so proud to work with them.