Emelia Mardigian

Emelia Mardigian

Emelia Mardigian, RN

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

Emelia provides patient/family centered care in her every day interaction with her patients/families. As several family have mentioned; Emelia provided excellent care to her child as if she were her own; she is went above and beyond to provide great care; we have been blessed to have Emelia as our nurse. Even in the most challenging of situations, Emelia has the ability to provide comfort and compassion. She demonstrates confidence and competency in her words, actions and behaviors which provides the families/patients with much comfort.

Compassion is one of the many values of nursing that Emelia epitomizes; her tone, behavior, actions and mere presence reflects compassion. Her tone when she speaks to families/patients is one of comfort and caring; she provides patients/families with needed information to ensure they are abreast of the plan of care and incorporates them into every plan, decision making as well as brings clarity to situations. She has the ability to bring families together as well as multidisciplinary team to ensure the patient needs and concerns are heard and met.

Emelia embodies and is committed to the nursing profession; she is committed to the excellence of nursing in that she embraces changes to improve patient outcomes and quality of care; her priority in providing patient care above all things is patient safety. She is an exemplary nurse that personifies the ethics of caring, and upholds the image of nursing as a profession. Her passion for nursing is evident in her everyday interaction and conversation with those around her. She is constantly suggesting ideas that improve work flow, patient care and safety.