Elyse Tully

Elyse Tully, RN

Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

Elyse Tully, RN 2G Medical

I have been a nurse here at Saint Peter’s University Hospital for over twenty years, and in May had the unfortunate opportunity of becoming a patient as well. My admission for abdominal pain quickly elevated to sepsis, and as my pain increased and my vital signs deteriorated, Elyse was by my side with secondary IV’s and bags of fluids, meds, etc. Being a stubborn patient, each time an MD suggested I be transferred to ICU, I refused. Elyse was with me through two nights of this, even though I told her it was ok not to take me as a patient the second night! Through it all, Elyse remained calm, supportive, caring, professional. I am sure she had other patients to care for, but she never appeared rushed. I know my refusal to be transferred to ICU put a tremendous burdon on her, but the way I was treated never indicated that. I had never met Elyse before this, but I have such admiration for her skills and compassion. She was my angel.