Eluta Watson

Eluta Watson, RN

Birth Center
Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

My husband and I wanted to send a raving review about the two nurses who got us through the delivery of our baby girl. We first had Keisia who is an excellent nurse, when I went into the hospital and she was so sweet and supportive of my natural birth plan. She didn't give me any "bs" about how hard it was going to be but she certainly gave me the right support in knowing it was possible. If we did not have this initial support before her shift ended, I would have gotten an epidural at 4.5 cm. She shared her experience and that she did it and so could I. I am so grateful for her and that I did not get an epidural or IV. When she left I told her she needed to find her clone...she did, she came back with Eluta!

Eluta was freaking AWESOME! She was there for the entire duration of the delivery, she helped me breathe through and continued to tell me how strong of a woman I was. She really tapped into my needs, and when I was not excited about the pain, she was and that kept me going. She continued telling me that pain was good because I was bringing a beautiful baby into the world. She was so sweet with my family (all whom absolutely love her too)and supportive of them. She gave me multiple options to labor, including walking, the birth ball in the shower, sitting, laying...anything I needed. When it got down to the end she did not leave the room and I was so grateful for that because my contractions were so intense I don't think I could have done it without her! Eluta is the most amazing nurse I have ever met and I can't help telling people about her! This commendation does not tell how much we loved her and how great she was.

I should also mention Martha, the student nurse with Eluta. She was so sweet and so willing to learn. Eluta was an excellent teacher to her and Martha was so willing and ready to do whatever she needed to learn and help. She really connected with my family as well and left a great impression with them.

My delivery was the most intense experience of my life, but because of these amazing nurses it was the most beautiful, intimate, and vulnerable experience. Because of them I get to tell a success story with love and light and not a labor horror story. Yes, there was pain, but it was worth it in the end and Keisia and Eluta made that possible!