Elsa Oria-Tijol

Elsa Oria-Tijol

Elsa Oria-Tijol, RN

University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States
Elsa is respectful of those she encounters. She is a great advocate for patients, family, and staff.

Elsa has a calm, controlled demeanor. She is an excellent preceptor for nurses new to PACU, whether from in-house or new to UHS. Elsa is well respected and regarded among all of the nursing staff. Elsa has worked on many individual projects to benefit PACU. She is involved in the process and actions of improving HCAHP scores. Elsa is a strong pillar of nursing in PACU.  Elsa, thank you for being part of our PACU staff!


You have worked at UH for a number of years. As one of the seasoned nurses, you serve as a great "foundation" on which PACU is built. You are strong both clinically and when charge. You are a role model to the staff. You are highly self-motivated and a "team player". You are respectful of those you encounter. You are a great advocate for patients, family, and staff. It is evident that you are customer focused, regularly "going the extra mile" to offer outstanding service to all customers, whether internal and external. I see you as a quick thinker who utilizes sound judgment. You remain calm and organized during stressful situations. The consistency and reliability you demonstrate are excellent, follow up/through is outstanding, and attention to detail is fantastic. You keep the house supervisor abreast of pertinent happenings in PACU. When issues arise, you most always call once you have assessed the problem, intervened to the greatest degree possible, and has reached or are attempting to reach resolution of the issue. Your performance at the bedside and in the role of charge serve as a near ideal model, and raises the bar that all charge nurses and PCCs should strive to reach. Elsa, you are an unsung hero of your trade, and a tremendous asset to our staff, patients, families and UHS. Your performance is highly commendable!