Elmo Ancar

Elmo Ancar, RN

Confluence Health
Wenatchee, Washington
United States

We are nominating Elmo Ancar, R.N., for the DAISY award because if either of us were a patient here we would want Elmo for our ICU Nurse. His skills match any on the unit and yet his manner and gentleness provide a calming environment for both the patient and the family. He makes his patients feel safe. We cannot say enough about the atmosphere that he is able to bring to the room and a family.

Elmo has a way of connecting with people, putting them at ease, and performing his job in a very confident manner. We have had families, even years later, ask if Elmo is still working here. They remember him, not necessarily for what he did for them or their loved one, but for how he made them feel. He is always patient, kind, compassionate, calm, and non-judgemental.

The DAISY award is given to a staff member that exemplifies caring at the bedside. We cannot think of a better recipient than Elmo.