Ellen Gauthier

Ellen Gauthier, RN

Ellis Medicine
Schenectady, New York
United States

Ellen worked past an unhappy patient's behavioral events, initial confusion and anger. Embodying the virtues of a holistic nurse she began to question the patient daily about what was upsetting her. Many conversations revealed a family tragedy that has habituated years of depression and anger.

Ellen invested herself. Purchasing hair care products and other items from her own pocket, she began a daily regimen of hair and hygiene with this patient. On top of this she went out of her way to ensure the patient received sunlight by coordinating trips outside with another patient on the unit.

Her efforts proved worthwhile. The patient took pride in herself and the way she looked. The patient's mood and behaviors improved greatly. She embraced everyone on the floor and her overall health began to improve as well. Ellen's work with this patient was a key factor in helping place her into an appropriate facility.