Elizabeth Mopas

Elizabeth Mopas, RN

Universal Care Unit
Eden Medical Center
Castro Valley, California
United States

Elizabeth is a superb nurse, always exhibiting compassion and a caring attitude. Elizabeth consistently provides high-quality, patient-centered care each and every shift. Elizabeth serves as a role model on our unit and throughout Sutter, ensuring patients receive compassionate and competent care. Elizabeth represents everything the DAISY Award stands for: support for patients and families, exceptional clinical skills and expertise, and a commitment to excellence. While there are many stories of Elizabeth's contribution we could share, the one that is most recent touched our hearts.

Elizabeth cared for a female patient with breast cancer (with metastasis) that was admitted for intractable nausea and vomiting. The medications the patient received prior to our shift were not helping and Elizabeth was very proactive in seeking to communicate with the physician to find an alternative to give the patient some relief. Elizabeth went above and beyond to help the patient and her family, and strived to make the patient more comfortable. Elizabeth's dedication made the patient more comfortable, as well as the family. The family was very impressed with Elizabeth's care and proceeded to let the charge nurse know. They felt so good about Elizabeth's care, they knew they could go home and rest, then return later.