Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green, RN

Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

My name is Shawna Merchant, and my son, Chayse, is in the NICU right now. I had Chayse at 28 weeks. The nurses and doctors are excellent. If I could, I would nominate everyone, but since I can’t, I am going to nominate the nurse who I feel has done the greatest for my husband, myself, and especially my son.

The Nurse I want to Nominate is Beth Green from the NICU. She is absolutely amazing. The reason I want to nominate her is as follows:

My son Chayse started having problems with his breathing. Not only was she attentive and concerned about him, she did all she could to help him. The doctor ended up intubating him at 2:30 in the afternoon. My husband and I arrived at the NICU for our daily visit, and Beth came up to us and greeted us. Not only did she greet us, she sat with us and explained all that had gone on for the day and why things were as they were. If I had any questions she would answer them in full extent. She didn’t leave anything out. She gave us in full detail what had happened, and why it had happened. Beth is the first nurse we had that actually showed and expressed true concern for our child. It was heartwarming to know that a nurse was feeling the same way that my husband and myself were feeling. It is very hard knowing that my son is having troubles with is breathing, but knowing that he has a nurse as caring and loving as Beth makes it easier. I know that he is in great hands.

The thing about Beth, not only did she show concern for my son, she showed concern for me and my husband. She knew I was taking it real hard and she knew how upset I was. She talked to me and let me express my feelings and concerns and she shared her story about her own child with me. Knowing that she knows exactly what I’m going through and listening to her story helped me a lot.

I can honestly say that Beth Green meets and exceeds all the criteria necessary to be nominated. I will honestly be upset if she does not win the DAISY Award. Someone as deserving as her should be recognized.

Thank you for allowing me to submit my Nomination. It is very nice that Palmetto recognizes those who go above and beyond, and Beth Green definately goes above and beyond. You may contact me at anytime.

Shawna Merchant
Parent of a child in the greatest NICU ever