Elizabeth Dychioco

Elizabeth Dychioco

Elizabeth Dychioco, RN

LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States
The moment she opened the door, Beth's bright smile made me feel safe.

Beth radiates positivity. I was extremely nervous about having a surgical intervention (gallstone removal). The moment she opened the door, her bright smile made me feel safe. She treated me like I was a celebrity. She provided me comfort with extra blankets and anything I needed immediately. But most importantly, she provided me with great emotional support and she prayed for me. Just her presence calmed me down and thanks to her I was able to go through my surgical procedure. I believe Beth is the angel God sent to my aid. She is a nurse from her heart. Thank God for sending Beth to my aid. Bless her always!


Beth is a happy person; every time you see her she is always smiling. She has a sense of warmth that pulls you in to her. Even though she has been with us over a year, her co-workers and patients are always giving positive feedback about her. She comes to work prepared to do whatever is asked of her and with a smile. Beth, I am so glad you are part of our team representing the nursing goals and objectives of LAC+USC Medical Center. Thank you, Beth!

Congratulations Beth on receiving the DAISY Award! We are all very proud of you!