Elizabeth Brugioni

Elizabeth Brugioni

Elizabeth Brugioni, RN

Labor and Delivery
Good Samaritan Hospital
San Jose, California
United States
My doula said that my delivery was the best one she had been part of at the hospital. I owe all of that to Liz.

When Liz first came to my room I could tell she was there for me. I quickly tried to communicate my desires for the birth assuming she had many patients and would have limited time to spend with me. She took her time with me listening to everything I had to say without interrupting. She stopped what she was doing and looked into my eyes to listen. I was communicating that I desired a natural, drug free labor. Her follow up questions communicated to me that this wasn’t her first rodeo. Without even saying so she asked if I preferred not to be asked what my pain level was, etc. Liz already knew what I was looking for. Despite all that, she took my case as a unique one and sought to understand my unique preferences.

When I handed her my one-sheet of birth priorities she held that piece of paper with both hands in front of her heart. She held it like it was an extremely important document that she dared not lose. She didn’t start reviewing it in front of me as one would instinctively do. She kept her eye contact we continued talking and she listening. I’ve been told birth plans are a dime a dozen. They all read similarly and most nurses don’t even take the time to read them. They may skim them and that was what I was prepared for. I was confident that Liz went back to her station and read every word.

I explain all of these initial details because it was what helped me build a huge amount of trust in Liz in a very short amount of time. I knew I was in good hands.

The rest of the birth was pretty much a blur because I was focused on pain management. Liz did go to extremes to help me be comfortable. When I was in the bathtub, she needed to check the baby’s heart rate. Instead of telling me I had to get out of the tub to be checked, she tracked down an extension cord for the machine so I could stay put. Then she trusted my doula to take the reading.

I’ve heard that nurses and doulas don’t always get along for whatever reason. Liz considered my doula a coworker and worked with her like a teammate. I couldn't have been more pleased. They both worked together to help me be comfortable. Liz worked with my doula to figure out when she should call the doctor in. As team members, I felt they trusted each other. As a result, my doula said that my delivery was the best one she had been part of at the hospital. I owe all of that to Liz.

Liz clearly enjoys her job taking care of people. When talking to her after the birth, it’s the thank you she receives that means so much. Thank you Liz!