Elizabeth Boyle

Elizabeth Boyle, RN

MacNeal Hospital
Berwyn, Illinois
United States

I'm so glad you (Liz) were the first person to speak to me here. I appreciate your soft and kind spirit. You never seemed annoyed at me expressing myself to you when I needed to talk, cry, vent or whatever. I honestly wish I would have taken your offer on a hug. It's just I was so used to handing them out I couldn't even own up that I needed one myself.

Thank you for speaking with me that night, I know I was upset, but you saw past that and saw that I was hurting and you addressed that emotion. No, I didn't want to be here, but it honestly changed my life and I am humbled because anybody can end up here as I did and I'm honestly glad that there was someone like you here.

I'll never forget you!