Eliza Cachola

Eliza Cachola

Eliza Cachola, RN

Queen Emma Tower 5
The Queen's Medical Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States
Eliza encouraged me that each day will be an improvement for me.

Eliza is professional. Eliza demonstrates professional abilities in comforting me while I was in pain and discomfort. She knew exactly what to say and do to comfort me. I was in such unbelievable pain.

Her sweet voice alone was comforting. I enjoyed having her as my nurse. She dresses professionally and her healthy appearance had a very big impact on knowing that I was receiving professional care. When she asks me how I’m feeling, I always had a very long list. Then she would say “this is what we are going to do for you”. She verbally analyzed my situation and each part of the effects of my traumatized body. From pillows to pain pills, for satisfying my appetite, to washing my hair and bathing. After a bath and shampoo, I felt refreshed and clean. She provided help for me to take care of my needs that was not in her job scope. She encouraged me that each day will be an improvement for me and to lift my spirits for positive healing. She promoted a positive interpersonal relationship. She was tactful, direct, sensitive with very empathetic interactions. Eliza's communication is very proficient.

I enjoyed my stay at Queens because of Eliza. Eliza is gifted.