Elise Napier

Elise Napier, RN

med/surg telemetry
Nebraska Medicine – Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

“I would like to nominate Elise Napier in the following: Uncompromising commitment to compassionate, ethical, quality patient care; Dedication to provide extraordinary service with each opportunity; Commitment to providing & enhancing quality of life; Respect for everyone. Elise made me feel like she was my own personal nurse. She made it very clear what the plan was for my treatment for that day. We talked about areas I had concern and we talked about compromise and when there was none she explained why. Elise remained very friendly throughout the day and didn’t let on if there were any other problems. She always came to my room with care, concern, and a smile. Elise did a wonderful job of staying on time when my meds were due, or communicated with me if she was running late. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable environment. I f it were not for Elise my stay would not have been as comfortable and successful as it was. I thank her for her time and dedication. ” PHOTO IN ATTACHED FILE.