Elaine Palmisano

Elaine Palmisano

Elaine Palmisano, RN

Labor & Delivery
Ochsner Medical Center - Kenner
Kenner, Louisiana
United States
I strive to be the nurse that Elaine is.

Elaine Palmisano was nominated by a colleague for the care and compassion she provided to one of our patients. Elaine cared for a pregnant patient who had recently received a breast cancer diagnosis. The patient was being brought in for early induction of labor, so she could start chemotherapy as soon as possible. Elaine went above and beyond for this patient. She called her 2 days before the induction to speak with her about breast cancer and share personal experiences to calm her fears.

On the day of induction, Elaine specifically requested to care for this patient. Elaine gave her items that she might need while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Elaine shared personal experiences to help her decide how to tell her young daughters about cancer. And Elaine gave the patient a book to assist when explaining cancer to them. The compassion Elaine provided to our patient during such a terrifying time was truly inspiring.

The nurse who nominated Elaine stated, "I have no doubt the comfort she brought to the patient and her husband was immeasurable. I strive to be the nurse that Elaine is."