Elaine Laudenslager

Elaine Laudenslager

Elaine Laudenslager, RN

Pediatrics, Chester Medical Center
Crozer-Keystone Health System
Upland, Pennsylvania
United States
Elaine's commitment to quality care knows no boundaries.

Elaine Laudenslager had the opportunity to help a colleague’s family outside of the walls of the hospital, as this nurse’s commitment to quality care knows no boundaries. A mother-in-law wanted to help her daughter-in-law who was valiantly trying to continue breastfeeding for her infant, despite many issues.  Knowing of Elaine’s nursing skills with babies and that she had a background that included being a lactation specialist, the mother-in-law reached out to Elaine to see if she could be available to provide some helpful breastfeeding advice.

The mother-in-law commented, “Elaine has been to my daughter-in-law’s home at least three times in the past week and has called and texted multiple times. She has really helped and encouraged her because I would have quit long ago with all the problems she has had. Some of the problems were positional and another issue was that Elaine noticed a tongue-tie. The baby went to an ENT and had the frenulum snipped so that breastfeeding could improve. My grandson is one lucky baby to have so much help in making sure he has the best nutrition possible.”

Elaine Laudenslager is a wonderful example of a talented and thoughtful nurse who is willing to do whatever is necessary for her patients and their families.