Eileen Kravitz Ziegler

Eileen Kravitz Ziegler, BSN, RN-BC

Women's Behavioral Health Unit
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester Division
White Plains, New York
United States

Eileen Kravitz Ziegler

Eileen is a compassionate and caring professional nurse working on the Women’s Behavioral Health Unit of a large psychiatric hospital. She is known for initiating educational sessions about medication and treatment to enable the women to participate most actively in their treatment plans. As part of the multidisciplinary treatment team, she advocates for women struggling with symptoms of mental illness and is involved in decision-making with the patients and staff. She is known for her clear assessments and quick interventions with agitated and/or psychotic patients--often avoiding a psychiatric emergency.

While administering medications or being the charge nurse, she is known to use her free-time to sit on the couch and really listen to the patients and the stories of their lives. She is present in the moment; a calm presence in an often busy environment. She frequently assists patients who are unable to shower or to attend to daily self-care. She brings in additional activities such as crafts, games, or other fun activities for the patients on the weekends. She is often nominated by patients as the “best” and “most helpful” during hourly rounds

Her communication skills are finely honed and she is both “there” for the patients as well as being a true team player with staff members. She is intuitive, insightful, and authentic. She brings a sense of humor and kindness to the workplace and is respected by patients and by staff in all disciplines. She continues to grow professionally by pursuing a Master’s in Nursing Education. Eileen is an extraordinary nurse and an asset to our Women’s Unit and hospital!