Eileen Holt

Eileen Holt

Eileen Holt, RN, OCN (Oncology Certified Nurse)

Ambulatory Oncology
Yale New Haven Hospital
New Haven, Connecticut
United States
The connection that Eileen formed with my father, and in turn, myself and my mother, is something I will always be grateful for.

Eileen Holt embodies true and genuine compassion and provides individualized, compassionate care in her work every day, every time and to every patient.  As an experienced nurse, she is extremely supportive and respectful of each member of the interdisciplinary team, patient and family. She approaches each shift with the goal to positively impact everyone with whom she encounters in a positive manner. She can relate to patients on a deeper level where they totally place their trust in her, her knowledge, her experience, and her skill.  Eileen is highly regarded in her field as not only an expert but a true role model. She has trained a countless number of nurses and her compassion always comes through. Her peers, patients, and families have called her “an angel,” “trustworthy,” “great listener,” “a great resource,” “empathetic,” “compassionate,” and as “someone I strive to be like.” For the past 18 years, Nursing has been awarded the title of “most trusted profession.” With Eileen as a nurse in this organization, there is no doubt that this is true.  Not only do patients place their lives in her hands, but so do the families.  

The DAISY Award is meaningful recognition of extraordinary, compassionate nursing care. It encompasses nurse engagement, a healthy work environment, and patient/family experience.  Eileen embraces all of this and more.  She energizes a positive attitude and infuses compassion and satisfaction in her workday with each interaction.  She builds spirit; not only in her team members but with patients and families too. She communicates profound gratitude and drives positive perception daily.

I have witnessed Eileen’s true compassionate care when a family member was being treated at Smilow.  Not only was Eileen available at all times, and all hours, but she frequently checked in on the patient and the family! It would be extremely difficult to list every example of her compassion and every little thing she did for the patient and family. 

I recall our first visit to Smilow Hamden like it was yesterday.  Eileen was very caring and professional right from the start.  She did not start off our visit the way we expected, with the routine vital signs, weight, and history, but she wanted to know “how we were holding up.”  Her question was not only directed at the patient but all in the room.  From this moment on, we placed our utmost faith in her.  In addition, she was available for any questions or guidance at all times.  She also called to check frequently on my father. Not only during his treatment, but after his treatment, and she recalled when his surgery date was scheduled and called to check on him and us during his recovery in the hospital and at home.  This is truly extraordinary.  The connection that Eileen formed with my father, and in turn, myself and my mother, is something I will always be grateful for.  Her caring attitude and compassion made our whole entire experience less frightening!  We are so thankful!

As stated throughout this nomination, Eileen is truly a Godsend.  A godsend, not only to her peers, her patients, and their family. She is a true example of providing the utmost quality, safe, and compassionate patient-centered care.  Eileen is a true trailblazer in her profession, all aspects of care.  The partnerships that she creates and maintains is extraordinary.  Her leadership, work, and devotion to her patients are limitless.  Her clinical expertise, vast experience, knowledge, and compassion provide her will skilled unsurpassed by few.  Another example of Eileen’s significance in our lives – Hamden office was closed for renovation and my father’s care was transferred to Smilow New Haven.  Eileen made a point to be present, if not as his nurse, but to always check in on him at his appointments to ensure he was “doing ok.”  This truly made such an impact in his care and attitude through his whole ordeal. The way his eyes lit up when he saw her was amazing! He knew she cared.  We all knew she cared.  She is genuine. She is compassionate.  This was not just a job. I truly believe that Eileen made a huge impact not only on my father’s treatment but in his amazing outcome! She is truly deserving of this award.