Eileen Auton

Eileen Auton

Eileen Auton, RN

Henrico Doctors' Hospital
Richmond, Virginia
United States
I deeply appreciate Eileen addressing his disorientation and fear with kindness and compassion.

My father died in Henrico Doctors Forest. Eileen was his nurse for the last two days of his life. Her kindness and compassion toward my father and our family will never be forgotten. She will always be a part of his story.

The Sunday before he passed, my son and I were with him for eight hours of Eileen's shift. Her empathy was evident in many ways. My father had been prescribed a drug to help with agitation but was to be administered by shot. Her thoughtfulness led her to get permission to administer it through the IV instead of inflicting more pain to his already struggling body. Later in the day, it was evident that he was hurting, but due to dementia and the circumstances, he was unable to verbalize any discomfort. She consulted with his physician about giving him something to allow him to be calmer and in less agony.

Whenever she and an assistant needed to move my father from one side to the other to prevent sores, it was extremely frightening and stressful for him. Eileen would reassure and comfort him, explaining what was happening and why. I deeply appreciate her addressing his disorientation and fear with kindness and compassion. She was always thoughtful, polite, and caring for our visiting family members as well. I feel we were blessed to have her walking through this sadness with us. In those darkest of days in my life, she will forever be remembered as a ray of sunshine.