Egle Garbenis

Egle Garbenis

Egle Garbenis, RN

Garden Level GPU
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield , Michigan
United States
Egle helps transform lives and communities through health and wellness, one person at a time, by putting each person first and demonstrating respect for people.

Upon first meeting Egle, I was struck with the loving spirit that emanates from her beautiful, infectious smile and warm caring eyes.  She just glows and clearly has a passion for her work. Egle is the consummate professional.  Each time she began her shift, she entered my mom’s room and proceeded to check my mom over, from head to toe. Every time Egle addressed my mom her words were firm, almost comforting, yet respectful and always with a caring, loving tone of voice.

Having been raised by a nurse, my mom, I conscientiously observed the hospital staff in action.  Egle’s clinical skills and decision-making capabilities are clearly evident.  When she’d administer my mom’s heparin injection, Egle was always in and out before my mom even realized she’d been poked, just the way my mom would give my dad his heparin injection at times.  Egle demonstrates extraordinary care to her patients and families, through the consistently through the development of mutual trust, respect and emotional support.  Her demeanor is friendly, respectful and loving.  The first 3-4 days when I was most concerned about my mom’s health, Egle could not have been more supportive.  Her constant direct eye contact helped me to know she was trustworthy and sincere.  She truly helped me through the most emotionally challenging days of my mom’s illness.

Egle acts as a role model to the nursing profession with her flexibility and proactive leadership.  Over several nights, I saw Egle interact with her nursing assistants collaboratively and respectfully, teaching them effectively as a coach or mentor would.  When the nursing assistants needed help, Egle was not above even the worst, unsavory tasks.  Every job was undertaken with the same smile and sense of purpose.  It is evident that Egle is in her profession to make a difference.  When events would cause a change in her plans/schedule, Egle was flexible enough to roll with it.  Egle was always able to keep her cool. Egle appears to collaborate with the health care team in developing her patient care plans.  She is obviously on the front lines with regards to carrying them out.

Egle’s nursing strengths are numerous.  However, her greatest asset to her chosen profession is her ability to apply exceptional interpersonal skills with her patients, their families, and her peers & colleagues.  I experienced this first hand as a family member and observed it with the patient, my mom.  She also utilizes her interpersonal skills in her interactions with her peers and colleagues.  Clearly, she is a highly effective communicator and is respected by her peers, as a result.  When my mom’s health was the most precarious, Egle regularly showed concern and compassion for me and was supportive, offering an understanding ear and emotional support that was greatly needed and much appreciated.

Egle’s job performance exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of Henry Ford Health System.  She helps improve the lives of her patients through excellence in her art of health care and healing.  Egle helps transform lives and communities through health and wellness, one person at a time, by putting each person first and demonstrating respect for people.  Egle presents herself as being interested in continuous improvement of herself professionally.

Lastly, I wish my dad, who passed away could have had Egle as a nurse.  Egle is an RN, my mom would have been proud to work with and would have enjoyed working with.  My mom would also be grateful to know that a nurse, of Egle’s caliber had been her nurse during her 3 ½ weeks stay.  Unfortunately, my mom’s advanced Alzheimer’s disease does not allow her to know and remember this, so I must remember for her.