Edward Kraska

Edward Kraska, RN

Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak
Royal Oak, Michigan
United States

Ed Kraska showed extreme compassion and concern for me as a patient from the beginning of his assignment as my nurse through the day of my dismissal. He was always very attentive: executing his "regular" duties as well as taking measures to explain and research the questions and concerns about medications and related procedural care and practices.

He willingly contacted my doctors to get clarifications and confirmations on the concern at hand. On one such contact (my last day in the hospital), Ed called my doctors to let them know that I was experiencing tightness/pressure in my chest. He immediately took my blood pressure and other vitals to assess the change. After speaking with my doctors, he kept a close watch (monitored me closely) to ensure all was within normal range.

In response to my concern about my blood pressure just before my discharge, Ed recommended that I continue to monitor my pressure daily. He recommended that I get a blood pressure machine if I didn't already have one. How thoughtful of him!

Also, Ed included and coached the student nurse, when attending to my needs. He seems to be an excellent mentor.


Ed is very attentive to his patients and is always advocating for their needs. He is able to quickly form a bond with his patients and he shows attention to detail in his daily nursing care. We are fortunate to say he is part of our 5 North team.