Edward Afriyie

Edward Afriyie, RN2

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital
Alexandria, Virginia
United States

It is our distinct pleasure to nominate Edward Afriye for the DAISY Award. Edward has been with the Critical Care Department for about two years, after transferring from 4B medical-surgical floor. His growth as a critical care nurse has been nothing short of amazing, and Edward is a valued member of our team and an asset to the hospital.

One can immediately recognize Edward by his crisply ironed scrubs and the infectious smile on his face. He is always offering help and assisting anyone in need, ever willing to take that extra patient or support his colleagues in any way. He has never declined to lend a hand to anyone in need. Families and patients consistently praise his professionalism and caring demeanor.

As our safety coach, Edward actively works to keep his teammates highly aware of following proper procedures and processes, and most importantly, abiding by the red rules. He continually interjects safety tips as part of our daily huddles, which are great reminders to the staff of the importance of always doing the right thing.

Edward has also taken on the role of charge nurse, where he is responsible for transitioning patients to the proper level of care, assuring proper staffing ratios for the next shift, responding to M-Sets and rapid responses, and solving issues that may arise during the shift. He takes these responsibilities seriously and handles them with ease. His ability to think critically and make appropriate decisions is second to none. Edward’s calming demeanor during a crisis can instantly diffuse the situation, allowing for the crisis to become more manageable. He is highly respected by physicians, support staff, and especially his fellow colleagues in Critical Care.

Edward Afriye is an excellent nurse who has taken over the charge role as needed during the day shift in CCU. He has also helped the unit out by picking up extra shifts during the day and night. When giving report to the next nurse, he is extremely detail-oriented and never leaves anything out. Rooms are always clean and I never have to worry about anything missed on a patient. He is always to work early and likes to make sure the night shift is okay.

With utmost pride, we are pleased to nominate Edward Afriye for the DAISY Award from the Critical Care Unit.