Edin Delic

Edin Delic

Edin Delic, RN III

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine
St. Petersburg, Florida
United States
He took care of the patient while also calming the parents and explaining to them the purpose of the medications.

I met Edin Delic during his interview for a patient care tech (PCT) role about six years ago. He blew me away in his interview. I knew without a doubt that All Children's needed him. I was impressed with his display of devotion, respect and tenacity as a healthcare provider. He described his experiences of caring for a brother with chronic medical needs. Without hesitation, I said 'we have to hire this guy'...and thank goodness we did. He was an exceptional PCT and then became an RN. He has done nothing but continue to be a great asset to All Children's.

We are very fortunate to have Edin as a preceptor for newly hired nurses in the PICU. I've seen Edin in multiple situations over the years. One situation in particular is what precipitated this nomination.  Edin was precepting a PICU nurse fellow. The patient they were caring for was in cardiac arrest as they walked into the room. They spent their entire time with this patient who required resuscitation and supportive care. Never once did Edin get flustered or behind on tasks.  Precepting can be challenging when working with this type of patient condition; however, Edin did not skip a beat.  He took care of the patient while also calming the parents and explaining to them the purpose of the medications.

Edin has grown from a brand new RN to an experienced and certified RN, who has more compassion for his patients and families than I can describe in words. He pushes the envelope on what is right and the best thing for the patient and family. Edin approaches any challenge with poise, professionalism and passion. He has even caused me to reflect on the care of my patients, making me ask myself, is this the best and right thing to do? He has never made me regret the decision I made six years ago. He is a true example of an advocate, but most of all, he exemplifies what it is to be a nurse.


During any day, if you walk on our unit, you will find Edin hard at work, managing some of our most complex patients and doing it with a smile and a contagious energy to teach anyone willing to stop and learn.  He's a great example of nursing excellence.

Thank you, Edin, for your service excellence to All Children's Hospital and your commitment to our patients and families.