Edelina "Del" Bacani

Edelina "Del" Bacani

Edelina "Del" Bacani, RN, BSN

Intermediate Care Unit
Methodist Charlton Medical Center
Dallas, Texas
United States

The person I am honored to nominate for the DAISY Award is a strong leader and has great leadership qualities. Del Bacani has been a RN for over 16 years on our unit. She serves as the Charge Nurse of the Intermediate Care Unit and works very closely with the medical staff and other departments.

She is a compassionate care giver to all individuals she touches, both patients and coworkers. She takes the time to get to know her patients and families, and then renders her compassionate, caring words of assurance to them.

Her gift is helping our families and patients deal with end of life decisions. End of life is very difficult for our families and patients but Del finds the right words and shows such tenderness and understanding as they go through these difficult times. At the end of life, she comforts the loved ones of the patients and helps them to deal with their loss. Even on our busy unit, she always finds time to comfort those in need. There are many situations she has been involved with the end of life and I want to see that she is recognized for the care and compassion she gives to others every day. She is definitely an extraordinary nurse.