Ed Koen

Ed Koen, RN

Ambulatory Care- Medicine Room
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Ed has been an astronomical nurse/person since we came to St. Jude's. We first met Ed when he came in to take labs from Hunter and he made the situation very easy for Hunter. Hunter didnt understand fully what was going on yet but Ed made sure to pre inform Hunter of everything he was doing and at one attempt of labs that failed Ed was so sorry (you could tell by actions) that this happened. Ed completed his task and we were very pleased with how he worked with patients during this, as he was also talking to us as he done what he needed to do keeping us informed of what was going on. This began our relations with Ed. The next morning we entered the foyer of our room only to find the friendly face of Ed again, only this time he came back to check on Hunter and again apologize that he did not get the labs the first time he tried the previous day. Ed at any time we needed anything from the day we got to St. Jude went out of his way to make! sure he answered our questions he listened when we needed to cry and if he could not answer what we were asking he either found an answer from someone that could answer or he directed us to where we could get an answer. Hunter really likes Ed. Ed has found a method of helping children with the medicines and flushes that they have to have as well. Ed carries Starbursts in his pockets and shares them with all the children when meds are distributed or flushes are done on lines because the children can taste the feed back from them most of the time. Ed said that he does this with all the patients and it has become a very known thing for him. Hunter says that this really does help because when you eat the starburst you can not taste the flush (alcohol) feedback. Ed always greets everyone with a happy and jolly attitude and makes sure that you feel very at home and comfortable. Ed just brings sunshine into all lives that meet him he is a true blessing and Ed demonstrates ! all aspects of an "Angel". I truely dont think that there is ! enough w ords or thanks that could ever explain our true feelings, thanks and appreciation for Ed. St. Jude's has a treasured Nurse within him and again we were and are very blessed to have such great care from someone like Ed. Ed treats us just like we are part of his family and we are just as important. And he treats Hunter (and i am sure each and every child at St Judes) as if they are one of his own children. I just can not find the right words to say what i want about Ed because there are no words that will ever explain how special he is and how he makes his patients and their families feel. He definately goes above and beyond to inform us of any and everything! I could go on and on about the good things that we have seen Ed demonstrate and the concern and love that he has for his patients but there is not enough space to tell you all we have seen. This world needs more "Ed's" in it! Thank you Ed for being our "Angel"! We love you
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