Dwain Coates

Dwain Coates

Dwain Coates, BSN, RN, RRT

Emergency Care Center
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
Tyler, Texas
United States

Caption for photo: Left to right:
Jack Douglas, RN, former DAISY winner, MFH-Jacksonville Emergency Care Center
Dr. Mary Price, MD, Emergency Medicine
Robert Rose, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Trinity Mother Frances Chief Nursing Officer
Steve Murray, Chaplain, Trinity Mother Frances Pastoral Care
Farrah Coates, wife of Dwain
Dwain Coates, BSN, RN, RRT, DAISY winner
Pat Loff, MSN, RN, Trinity Mother Frances DAISY Coordinator

Dwain has received FOUR nominations since we started the DAISY program.

Nomination one:
Dwain Coates not only provides consistently compassionate care, he is also an excellent teacher, mentor, and example to students and new nurses coming through the Emergency Care Center. I have personally observed him, many times, during a hectic day taking time to explain why we do things the way we do. He also brings the same level of patience and knowledge to the bedside for patient teaching.

Nomination two:
Dwain is always courteous, kind and compassionate - not only to his patients but also to his fellow employees. He always helps if needed, whether or not the patient is assigned to him. He works on other units on his days off in order to supplement staffing (for short staffing) to care for our patients.

Nomination three:
Dwain takes the time to explain to his patients with compassion and heart - making sure they understand any and all information given. I work with Dwain. He makes my work experience easier and brings a calm and comforting feeling to the Emergency Care Center. He educates me on any questions I may have. He takes the time a patient or co-worker needs. He has never been negative in anyway during my time of working with him. Dwain is a charge nurse. He does care and he is a kind soul. Others can learn from his leadership.

Nomination four:
I am nominating Dwain Coates for his commitment to patient advocacy. Today we triaged and assessed an elderly woman who came to ECC after being found by her family in the backseat of a car in the hot sun. The outside temperature was over 100 degrees F. She was delusional and reported to Dwain that she heard voices telling her to hide and stay in the hot car, even though she was sweating and knew she should not. The ECC physician was going to discharge her back to the care of her family. Dwain convinced him to wait until our Behavioral Health Agency was contacted and performed an assessment. It was determined that she was a threat to herself and needed placement in an inpatient Behavioral Health setting. Dwain spoke to the patient and her family and explained how the admission would benefit them all. They were receptive and agreed that it was the best decision. In the end, the physician thanked Dwain for seeing the "big picture" and advocating for the patient. This is only one of many examples of Dwain's commitment to his patients.