Dusty Anderson

Dusty Anderson

Dusty Anderson, RN

Emergency Department
LAC+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States
Every time I see Dusty, she has a big beautiful smile on her face and seems to have such a positive attitude.

My wife had to go to the ER again. I went in with her and this time around was different. My wife was assigned to a nurse that honestly was outstanding/superb/excellent. Those words basically mean the same thing, but I want you to get the picture on how grateful my wife and I are with the treatment and service that was given by Dusty Anderson.

Honestly speaking I hope Ms. Anderson has been recognized for all the hard work and dedication she puts into what she does. She should know she is more than appreciated and not just by the patients but by the Hospital too.

I saw how busy Ms. Anderson was, I wouldn't be surprised if she had too many patients under her care. Yet she managed to not make anyone feel ignored and really provided exceptional care. I really do appreciate Ms. Anderson, honestly, I thank her and thank you for her. We need more nurses like her.


Dusty works night shift and I work the day shift. Usually, when I get to see Dusty, she's coming off of her shift and I'm coming on. Every time I see Dusty, she has a big beautiful smile on her face and seems to have such a positive attitude; all the needs, other disciplines who are a part of the patients care needs, and of course administration's needs. Our nurses get pulled in every single direction and yet Dusty is capable of not only proving good nursing care, attending to everyone's needs but also provide great customer service.

It's very easy in a fast-paced environment like this to unintentionally become task oriented and forget to actually interact and engage with your patients. Dusty, thank you for doing both! I appreciate your hard work and everything you do for your patients and this department! We are proud to have you on our team. Congratulations and keep up the great work and never lose that smile of yours or that positive attitude!