Doretha Wyatt

Doretha Wyatt, MSN, RN, NP-C

Eye Clinic
VA Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Houston, Texas
United States

Mrs. Wyatt is an outstanding nurse who always takes time to help patients and staff no matter how great or small the request. She is kind of person that everyone wants to talk to because she is trustworthy. We call her Wy-Mart because she is your one stop for everything type of person. She is highly respected by patients, doctors, colleagues, and staff. She treats patients as if they were her own family members by teaching them how to detect common diseases from hypertension to glaucoma.
glaucoma. She also encourages patients to pass on the teaching to their family members especially when it comes to ut eye disorders and diseases. Mrs. Wyatt is very thorough when performing physicals and uses her critical thinking skills to take appropriate action such as when a patient’s labs are abnormal/critical, she makes sure to consult the patient’s doctor. Just today, Mrs. Wyatt noticed that our volunteer did not look too well and she proceeded with taking the vital signs. The volunteer’s BP was 180/103 and she was sweating. She admitted not taking her hypertensive medication in the morning and had initially called her daughter to pick her up because she did not feel well and wanted to go home to take her meds. Although Mrs. Wyatt insisted on taking the volunteer to the ER on premise, the volunteer declined the offer and was shortly picked up by her daughter. The daughter was told to take the volunteer to the ER immediately even though she insisted on going home. An hour later Mrs. Wyatt called the daughter to find out the status of the volunteer and was told that she was admitted for work-up of possible TIA. The daughter was very grateful to Mrs. Wyatt for her rapid response to her mother’s situation and for preventing further deterioration such as a stroke. Mrs. Wyatt’s commitment to providing compassionate and excellent care to patients and colleagues is commendable and she deserves to be recognized with the Daisy Award.