Dora Loya

Dora Loya

Dora Loya, BSN, RN

RUMG - Rheumatology
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Dora maintains integrity, professionalism and character in the work place.

I am a Lupus patient at Rush and currently have been receiving infusions for about 24 months now. I wanted to take a moment and share my experience with you. As a Lupus patient, I have many appointments at Rush, it is hard enough and very challenging at times to not only get to the hospital but also to deal with the different tests, procedures, and getting around to the different departments. I have been advised by my healthcare team of doctors outside of Rush, more times than I can count, to have my infusion performed at their medical facilities for a much lower rate. I have always said no thank you because of one extraordinary nurse, Dora Loya.

Dora is wonderful, kind, genuinely concerned and engaged with her patients. She knows our personal and physical challenges. She knows about our families. She maintains integrity, professionalism and character in the work place. Since I started my infusions 2 years ago, the number of patients has increased and yet her level of care has never decreased. She is always assisting her co-workers and going above and beyond with a smile.

I as well as all the patients Dora has touched since her arrival in the infusion clinic, want you to know what an exceptional employee you have in her. We appreciate Dora and all her efforts in her care for us. We commend Dora Loya for all she does for this clinic and what she means to each of us. She is truly one of the great reasons I continue to choose Rush! Dora is a true advocate for her patients!