Donna Wickenden

Donna Wickenden, RN

Gwinnett Medical Centers: Lawrenceville and Duluth
Lawrenceville, Georgia
United States
Donna went beyond her call of duty to help this grieving mother.

Donna is an excellent, knowledgeable and a compassionate nurse in her specialty.  She does a lot of behind the scenes work to assure that patients are safe for surgery for day and night shift. One case I can recall that represents her true personality and passion in nursing was when she handled a fetal death situation.  The patient was alone after delivering her young baby.  She prepared the body of the baby, tagged and took the baby to the morgue.  The patient was going to bury the baby in her backyard because she did not have any money. Donna found and contacted a local funeral home that would cremate the body for free for her.  This happened preoperatively before the patient had the surgery. She went beyond her call of duty to help this grieving mother who was about to have surgery for the death of her baby.