Donna Bolz

Donna Bolz, RN

Pre-Surgical Screening
St. John Hospital and Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan
United States

I want to acknowledge a fellow nurse for her resourceful and organized behavior. Donna Bolz RN is the nurse you want to follow for patient care at SJH&MC. When she is preparing charts for surgery, they are in impeccable order. You can be confident that she has followed through on obtaining clearances and collecting documentation necessary for preoperative preparation. Even though we do not communicate face to face, Donna consistently provides detailed explanations in her documentation, always stating who, where and when she collected the information. This makes me feel as though she made a direct connection with her patient each and every time. Her notes can be recognized by her legible, neat handwriting. You always have peace of mind knowing the medication reconciliation and history are accurate. Additionally, Donna makes and keeps her own up to date resource tips for eCare, doctor contacts, and physician specific needs. She also is the one to go to if you require information about patient past or future procedures; as she has such great recall!

Even though these statements seem to be acceptable, standard practices for all nurses, I wish to acknowledge Donna's consistent and caring habits that she performs everyday- often in the background of surgical processes.